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Guide: How To Uninstall Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Update

In a recent development, Microsoft pushed a Windows 10 update which is not relevant to most of the Windows users. The move to roll the update to everyone was purely unintentional. Primarily, the update – which is known as KB4532441 – was meant for users who are using Windows Autopilot. Essentially, it is a tool for IT departments through which they establish and manage new computers. Interestingly, Microsoft even sent reminders to non-Autopilot users to install the update even though it was not necessary.

Luckily, the nature is of the update is that of mild. However, it may take up unnecessary space which could irritate the user in using the system. Some of the latest Microsoft’s updates contain some unpredictable and critical features. As a result, Microsoft has also halted the release of larger Windows updates which have some compatibility issues.

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How to uninstall the update?

If you are not an Autopilot user and if your system has already installed the latest update then we have got you covered. Although Microsoft firmly believes that it doesn’t have any adverse effects, it is advisable to still uninstall it.

To begin with, the procedure is simple and easy if the following steps are taken care of:

  • Tap on to the Windows 10 ‘Start’ menu
  • Click on to the gear-shaped ‘Settings’ icon
  • Once the settings window is opened, tap the ‘Update & Security’ > View Update History > Uninstall Updates
  • Look for ‘Windows 10 Autopilot Update KB4532441’ in the search box
  • Hover to highlight the update and then click on ‘Uninstall’ at the top of the list
  • Click ‘Yes’ when the system asks for confirmation
  • Restart your PC [if required] as you will now be done with the process

In case you come across any ambiguity, you can click on to Lifehacker’s extensive guide of uninstalling recent Windows 10 updates.

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