HSN Split – Technological Differences Bring An End To HSN Ventures

As the word has been confirmed officially, HSN Ventures have split due to technological differences. CreativeChaos and were working under the brand HSN partnership since 2015, however, the companies have decided to separate their paths.

The mutual agreement to part ways will be immediately acted upon by both the firms.

A Little About HSN Ventures

HSN ventures emerged as the joint collaboration of two of Pakistan’s fast paced IT companies: the digital agency CreativeChaos, and – an eCommerce platform. Both collaborated to work together under HSN’s banner.

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The two companies joined hands to launch fast modern scalable business ventures along with adding innovation to the existing platforms. In their two years together, the companies were able to launch three different start-ups from scratch with relative success:

  1. DeliveryChacha
  2. UrbandDesign
  3. HealthPro

What Lead to the Split Between the Two Companies?

The venture was also supposed to help with modern innovative technological framework. This according to the the CEO of was a point where the real conflict started to happen between the two companies.

Shayan Tahir, Founder and CEO of, said in his statement:

 “The partnership was formed to make modern, scalable technology platforms. Homeshopping couldn’t extract any technology development value from this partnership. CreativeChaos didn’t have the kind of development skills required for improving the technology stack of Homeshopping and developing the platform from scratch was not a meaningful idea. In the light of these observations, both of the organizations mutually decided to call off this partnership.

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What Does this Mean for the New Ventures? will maintain full control of their prime asset after the split. Out of the three ventures that were jointly started, CreativeChaos will maintain control of two. DeliveryChacha – a cofounded entity – will be controlled independently by the founder Nasihat Iqbal. UrbanDesign and HealthPro will remain under the full control of CreativeChaos.

We were unable to get in touch with Umair Aziz, founder of CreativeChaos for his side of the story.

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