Internet Speed in Pakistan Is One Of The Worst Among 133 Countries

Internet speed in Pakistan is a major issue especially when neighboring countries and rest of the world are quite ahead in terms of speed and connectivity. When it comes to measuring the internet speed, probably everyone uses Speed Test service. According to a latest report by Ookla, Pakistan is positioned at 98th (mobile) and 124th (fixed broadband) spot among 133 countries.

The Speedtest Global Index, a report by Ookla, is updated every month. Its first version is out and Pakistan should take it as an eye-opener as they rank quite low especially in comparison to other developing countries.

“We’ll update Speedtest Global Index with data based on the previous month at the beginning of every month; so you’ll have fresh statistics and an early eye on new developments”

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Ranking of Pakistan

The report was publicized after taking into account two categories i.e. mobile and fixed broadband. In terms of mobile connectivity, Pakistan is ranked at 98th position with 10.76 Mbps download speed and 5.68 Mbps upload speed. On the other hand, Pakistan’s position is 124th out of 133 countries in terms of fixed broadband with a download and upload speed of 5.57 Mbps and 3.56 Mbps respectively.

According to the ranking, Pakistan moved 4 places up in the mobile speed category. On the other hand, it demoted to 124th position in fixed broadband from 119th position.

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Criteria of the ranking?

In order to be applicable for the ranking, a particular country has to have a minimum of 670 and 3,333 unique user results for mobile and fixed broadband respectively.

The report used both download and upload speeds to amass an overall index.

According to Ookla:

“In the journey towards high-speed global connectivity, the data can uncover trends and detect potential storylines”

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Norway and Singapore lead the chart

In terms of mobile speed, Norway leads the chart with a download speed of 52.29 Mbps. However, Singapore came out on top when an internet speed for fixed broadband was measured at colossal 154.38 Mbps. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Only 3 countries featured in the top 10 list of both categories and they were Singapore, South Korea and Iceland.

You can have a look at the complete list by clicking here.

Do you think internet speed in Pakistan will surge in the upcoming months/years?

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