iPhone 12, Over-Ear Headphones, Smart Glasses? Expected Apple Products In 2020!

Apple never really reveals its upcoming products. Even if a journalist approaches them, the reply [if at all] they get is ‘no comments’. However, every year there are anticipations about Apple products and this time it is no different either.

Year 2020 has proved to be quite happening for Apple. The tech giant had already launched iPad Pro which is equipped with sensors for augmented reality. In addition, Apple had also introduced a new $400 iPhone which is known as the iPhone SE.

Therefore, it is anticipated that Apple would be launching a lot more new and state-of-the-art products this year including 5G-enabled iPhones. However, it is also pertinent to mention that the demand for Apple products [and other products worldwide] has taken a hit due to COVID-19. Subsequently, Apple is facing substantial distortion in its supply chain as most of the Apple retail stores across the world are closed and the staff is working remotely.

Nonetheless, this will not cease Apple to introduce their product line for this year. The following article will review what Apple might be offering this year. The timeline may not be concrete but the expected Apple products might get launched sooner or later.

Here we go:

5G-enabled iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro

Every September, Apple introduces new iPhones [if there are more than one]. Roughly, we are some 100 days away before Apple unveils iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro. However, as per Bloomberg, there could be a possible delay from Apple amid COVID-19. Nikkei Asian Review also reported that Apple may delay its 5G-enabled iPhones by months.

Nonetheless, we can always talk about the to-be-introduced iPhones. Reportedly, iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro will be launched with support for 5G networks, brand new 3-D LiDAR sensors which are similar to the recently-launched iPad Pro. Furthermore, there might be different screen sizes for specific models.

Apple Watch with a tracker

If Apple doesn’t tweak its launching schedule, we could potentially see Apple Watch alongside the iPhones in September. There is every likelihood that Apple could come up with a sleep-tracking technology. As per Bloomberg, Apple hopes to have it ready this year as the company has been testing this feature already.

On the contrary, according to 9to5Mac, the upcoming smartwatch may also be equipped with an ability to track blood oxygen levels. Additionally, the smartwatch is expectedly going to have improved water resistance.


Reports from MacRumors state that Apple is currently working on an accessory which will help in finding lost items by using the iPhone. As the name suggests, a tag would be placed on easily misplaced items [for instance: keys and wallets]. The feature would work with iPhone’s ‘Find My’ app. There are chances that Apple would use augmented reality to notify users about their lost items.

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Digital services

It is expected that Apple would be offering three of its digital services [Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Music] as a bundle subscription. The move will boost subscribers as a specific user will be obtaining digital services of Apple under one roof.

An affordable HomePod

As per Bloomberg, Apple may launch a cheaper version of HomePod this year. There are currently seven tweeters placed in the HomePod smart speaker. However, the awaited HomePod may just contain couple of tweeters. Besides, the upcoming speaker could be a smaller one in size. A cheaper model may just entice the Apple users to opt for it.

Over-ear headphones

Apple could be working on over-ear premium headphones after massive popularity of its AirPods earbuds. The move will give great competition to the likes of Bose and Sennheiser. Bloomberg reported that the headphones would be an alternative to Apple’s Beats brand. The chances of headphones being launched as customizable are quite high too. In addition, the option of play-and-pause – depending on if you are wearing them – cannot be negated.

New pair of AirPods

Famous gadget leaker, Jon Prosser stated that Apple might be releasing another pair of AirPods. He further claimed that the launch – which is delayed – could come alongside MacBook Pro. It remains to be seen whether Apple will introduce new pair of AirPods since they have already launched MacBook Pro on 4th May.

Faster Apple TV

A new version of improved and faster Apple TV set-top box is also on the cards. It is important to state that the tech giant hasn’t released a new Apple TV since 4K-enabled model in 2017. Therefore, there are chances that we get to see a newer, improved and faster version later this year.

Wireless charging mat

According to Kuo, Apple may launch a smaller wireless charging mat. The expected product will not be an alternative to AirPower [a product which Apple had to scrap since it did not meet the high standards of the company.

Upgraded iMac

An improved and a substantially upgraded iMac is also on the cards as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. It’s going to be an all-in-one desktop.

Cheaper iPads

Apple is reportedly working on lower-priced iPads and they are preparing it to launch later this year. There aren’t too many details available as of yet; however, one thing is for sure that they would cheaper and could be $329 iPad and $400 iPad mini alternate.

Debut of Apple Smart Glasses

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the chances of Apple launching its first pair of smart glasses in 2020 are likely. However, in his recent report, there could be a delay in launch by 3 years. On the other hand, Kuo stated that Apple is in touch with third-party companies and smart glasses could officially make a debut later this year.

Which Apple product(s) are you excitingly looking forward to in 2020?

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