Lahore Police Proposes 30% Increase in Challan Fees For Traffic Violations

Lahore City Traffic Police plans to increase the challan fees by nearly 30 percent this year. A senior official said the discussions are underway but the descriptive plan is yet to be formed. The move is part of department’s wider plans of promoting law-abiding lifestyles and behaviors, as well as curbing the practices of traffic violations.

As per the new formula, drivers would be charged Rs650 for over speeding, instead of existing Rs500. For motorcycle drivers the maximum fine would be Rs260 for over speeding from now on. Furthermore, Rs390 would be charged for violating age limit and Rs260 for not wearing a safety helmet.

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The ‘Demerit Points System’

The Lahore Traffic Police also plans to introduce a point system to tackle improper implementation and infringements of traffic laws. Under the proposed plan, any person who fails to comply with any prescribed standards would be guilty of violating traffic code and liable for penalties: whenever a person breaks a certain traffic rule, he or she will be awarded the demerit points (a negative scoring system).

For instance, if a driver ran a red light, he or she will receive points on their record and if they refuse to follow the recommendations, after a certain number of points their driving license would be cancelled immediately without further warning.

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Lahore has recently witnessed the inauguration of smart traffic system with the installments of the e-challan system that can send the person an electronic version of their challan and photographic copy of their violations.

In another move, the Punjab government has announced a plan to replace registration plates of around 4 million vehicles in the provincial capital, Lahore. Additionally, the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has revealed the design and format of new number plates that can be detected by HD CCTV cameras.

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