Microsoft PowerPoint Translator Is Ready To Transform Your Presentations Altogether

Some of you might have friends belonging to another country speaking different language. This language barrier needs to bridged as it could make it really hard to get your point across. Thanks largely to applications such as Skype translator, this problem has been solved for everyone to a great extent. But suppose you are working on some presentation that you have to share with an individual who resides in a country where they speak any language besides yours. Now you would want translator for that too, wouldn’t you? Well, Microsoft’s PowerPoint Translator comes to the rescue.

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The PowerPoint Translator

Microsoft is presenting a similar translator with the PowerPoint add-in known as Presentation Translator. At the same time, as you deliver your presentation it will translate your voice in real time. However, you would require an iOS, Andriod or Windows app for it.

Moreover, it also creates a link that translates for the viewers in their own language. Developed with 60 different written languages, it can also translate the slides for you and your viewers.

For instance, if someone is speaking in English, the translator will grasp the language spoken and translate it in Urdu. Also the Urdu translation will be shown in the form of closed caption.

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Showing Its Efficiency

At its Build developers conference on Friday, Microsoft presented this add-on and translated Spanish and Chinese in real time. It worked smoothly with Spanish, translating a sensible sentence in the first go. But it hesitated with Chinese; it took a while to translate ‘AI is fantastic’ in Chinese.

At present, PowerPoint Translator supports 10 spoken languages; including, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Even though the technology is in its beginning stages, still Microsoft brilliantly presented the translation skills of it Cognitive Services. Microsoft has gone all in with AI making it more important for them to promote how an average Joe can utilize it.

The new tool is available for preview at Microsoft’s Garage site. If you want to access the Garage, sign up by clicking here. After filling out a survey form you can start using it instantly.

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