Netflix Pakistan: These Are The Best Shows To Binge Watch

Have you ever had the misfortune of looking up a “Best shows on Netflix” post, falling in love with the synopsis of a show, looking up everything about it, reading all the reviews possible and finally taking out a few uninterrupted hours from your life to settle down to watch it with nice dim lights and a sizable pile of snacks… only to be let down at the final stage because you discover Pakistani netflix does not have it? If this has happened to you, this article is for you.

Read on to find a list of the best shows on Netflix to binge watch right now, while you rest assured they are only a click away, regardless of the color of your passport. Happy watching!

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things took the series-watching world by storm when it first came out last year, and converted many mainstream views to the sci-fi genre. Revolving around a boy who goes missing in a small town, it pays tribute to a mother’s relentless struggle to get her son back, and the commitment of his friends who set out to find him. With dark government agencies and apparently supernatural forces at play, this show keeps you on the edge of your seat. The show has two seasons on Netflix, and the second one just came out so now is a good time to start watching!

Orange is the New Black

This show starts out simply enough, seemingly about a woman who is normally law abiding and engaged to be married, sent to prison for a crime she committed in her youth more than a decade ago with her ex-girlfriend. However, it soon delves into the nuanced but complex lives of each of the inmates in the minimum security prison as they go about daily life in captivity. This is one of the few shows on air that portrays women well and realistically; as human beings with flaws, both apparent and hidden, which do not need to be edited for aesthetic pleasure. Instead of airbrushed bodies, sugarcoated stories and politically correct dialogues, this show gives it to its audience raw and real and covers everything you would want to know about prison and life in it. It currently has five seasons on Netflix, and each uncovers yet another layer of the characters’ personalities and back stories.


Based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, this show follows political, historical and sexual intrigue at the court of Henry VII as the young monarch navigates royal duties, international rivalries and the matters of her own heart. If you are watching this for the historical accuracy, you will be disappointed; while the dresses are gorgeous, they are historically imprecise, and so is the food. However, if you want some nice court intrigue, beautiful landscapes and a plot that keeps you guessing, this is the show to watch. Netflix has all four seasons, and since the series has already ended, you won’t even have to wait for an episode!

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The show revolves around the lives and times of Columbian drug cartels and the true story of their kingpin Pablo Escobar as he is pursued by a DEA agent sent on a U.S. mission to capture and ultimately kill him. This show sets itself apart from the rest of the mafia shows out there by its apt portrayal of multiple perspectives; it covers both the law enforcement angle and that of the criminal. Gripping and tastefully done, this show keeps the adrenaline pumping. Netflix only has three seasons of this show right now, but you should not let that stop you.


Strangely reminiscent of the Archie comics days, but set in a completely different context, this show is best avoided if you are in search of the feel good appeal of the books. This series is a much darker take on the lives of Riverdale residents, and more suited to those looking for a murder drama. As one of the Blossoms twins is suddenly found dead, doubt is cast over the small town and all its inhabitants, just as the beginning of the school year brings with itself new friends, complicated relationships and family secrets better left unearthed. The much awaited Season 2 is out now on Netflix!  


Smooth and handsome as the devil, Lucifer Morningstar takes off from his servitude in hell, and descends upon Los Angeles; in order to run a nightclub. A shooting involving a girl at his club embroils him in a quest for law and order, justice and fairness, and before long, he is punishing wrongdoers right here on earth. Working as a LAPD consultant, Lucifer uses his powers to extract the deepest, darkest thoughts of the people he encounters, and solves crimes like no other. Netflix has all three seasons of Lucifer, and if nothing else, watch it for Lucifer’s gorgeous face!

Black Mirror

This show consists of a series of self-contained episodes, each of which deals with a different and progressively more troubling aspect and consequence of futuristic technology. This show is disturbing and rattles your brain like no other as it presents a neat package of satire, sci-fi and drama, but in the best way possible. From our obsession with likes on Instragram to the haunting way politics works, this show leaves nothing untouched. Netflix has three seasons right now, and since all the episodes have plots independent of each other, watch in any order, and view your modern day nightmare of choice.

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How to Get Away with Murder

This show is like Suits on steroids. Centered on a Law class at university, this show follows a brilliant lawyer as she teaches her students about criminal defense and chooses a select few to be her prodigies, not knowing that they will soon be enmeshed in a murder plot of their own. Suspenseful and adrenaline-pumping, this show is worth a few hours of binging. Netflix currently has three seasons of it, and you will be wishing for more of Annalise Keating soon!


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