No More Special Number Plates for Government Officials In Punjab

Apparently, the era of colored and fancy number plates for government officials is finally coming to an end. The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department (ET&NCD) Punjab has decided to remove the colored, special number plates for government and semi-official officers. For the matter, a report has been submitted to CM Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif.

You might be thinking that this step is taken by Excise Department to provide equality to everybody. However, that is not the case here. The department has decided to take this step in order to implement the e-challan system for all vehicles. If CM Punjab approves this decision, all government vehicles will be provided with a white-background number plate just like the others.

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Testing phase of E-Challan

ANPR cameras will be installed in the city to monitor traffic and capture anyone who tries to break traffic rules. The challan will then be sent to the offender’s doorstep. The system is in its initial stage. A number of cameras have been installed on Mall Road to test the system.

During the testing phase of the system, it was observed that the cameras could not read the current number plates of the vehicles. Due to this reason, the Excise Department will replace the existing number plates with new ones which will have a clear background and an increased font size. However, this might prove to be hectic for the department as it will have to replace 4.6 million number plates for cars and motorcycles.

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Incompatible number plates

According to a Safe City official, the current plates of cars were designed to be scanned by cameras of that time (10 years ago). However, e-challan system was not devised at that time. As the government has installed cameras now, the existing number plates are not concurrent with the cameras of today.

Following are the changes to be implemented in the new number plates:

  • The number plates for motorcycles and rickshaws will have dimensions of 150 x 220
  • Length of a car’s number plate will be 325 millimeters whereas the width will be 152 millimeters.
  • The font size of the numbers and letters will also increase for each plate.
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