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Punjab Introduces New Vehicle Registration Number Plates – Same Code In The Entire Province

Punjab Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department (ET&NC) is all set to introduce new vehicle registration number plates across the province, to enhance the capabilities of automated car number plate detection. The department finalized its proposal for universal plates for vehicles scheduled to take effect in June this year.

New Registration Plate Format

As per the proposal, the new registration plate format will contain three alphabets, alongside three digits to identify all vehicles across the province. Additionally, four digits format will be used, instead of three, for two-wheeled automobiles. The separate registration format, therefore, would provide great help in distinguishing between the different types of vehicles.

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Private vehicles, throughout the province, will get registration plates starting with AAA. The new system aims to blur the distinction between vehicles from different cities of the province. Moreover, the new plates will have no mention of the year of a vehicle’s registration.

On the other hand, government and semi-government vehicles, ambulances and commercial vehicles will have another version of the new license plates format. Unlike private vehicles, they will carry registration plates starting with alphabets such as GAA.

In addition, the new plates will follow the same design, pattern and structure as the previous versions. The size of the number plates, however, will be increased to make the text more legible for the Punjab Safe City Authority’s (PSCA) security cameras.

Why Universal Number Plates?

Lately, PSCA announced it would install more than 10,000 HD CCTV cameras by the mid of this year, which would help in enhancing automated car number plate detection. The government has already introduced e-ticketing in the province, based on the Automated Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) of PSCA.

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The existing font size and format of the number plates makes it tricky for the cameras to read the information accurately. That’s why Safe City Authority has decided to replace the old format with a new, larger text with an easier-to-read layout.

The excise department is planning to ease the burden on Lahore’s motoring branch by introducing new universal number plates. At present, all regional motoring branches of the ET&NC issue city specific number plates. Car owners are encouraged to visit respective regional office for any specific number plate.

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In addition to making the whole process more productive and efficient, both for the excise authorities as well as vehicle owners, the universal number plate initiative provides a great chance to put an end to the lower resale value of cars from cities other than the urban centers.

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