Now You Can Replay Those Classic MS-DOS Games

Renowned Internet preservation website has revived 2,500 MS-DOS games for you to play, at zero cost!

It will take some time for you to browse through this humongous list, but rest assured, if you’re going down memory lane, it won’t be difficult for you to start with titles familiar to you.

Here are some of the recommendations from our side:-

The Secret of Monkey Island


This game can be played through digital subscriptions for a nominal fee anytime, but now you can play it free of cost. Just make sure you don’t get lost! Click here to play.

The Punisher


This is a classic Role-Playing Game (RPG) which involves running around New York City to hunt any and all bad guys you come across. Players earn rewards proportionate to the number of criminals they capture. Your ultimate objective is to exterminate the Kingpin! Click here to play.

The Price is Right


Remember that crazy but immersive game show hosted by Drew Carey? You can relive the same experience by guessing the prices of commodities displayed during the game. Click here to play.

Night Trap


Players have to keep intruding monsters at bay from killing people by placing obstacles and traps along their way. This game terrified many two decades ago. Click here to play.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Source: YouTube

Who hasn’t tried this Microsoft classic at least once in their lifetime? Jump into the virtual cockpit from 1993 and be amazed by the graphics of that era! Click here to play.

The Incredible Machine-2

Source: YouTube

This edutaining game invovles solving puzzles through creative strategising. Click here to play.

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall


This confusing but deeply immersive game is another RPG classic. Players have to browse through the shops along mazes and alleys, steal merchandise and, if needed, sell it back to their actual owners next day. Click here to play.

Star Trek: Judgement Rites

Source: YouTube

This is an adventurous, action-packed cult classic incorporating all the Star Trek essentials. It was considered way ahead of its time. Click here to play.

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