Tourism Promotion In Pakistan: PTDC To Introduce Special Police Force For Tourists Safety

The Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Mr. Abdul Ghafoor has revealed that the corporation is looking forward to launch a special Police force based on Thailand’s model for the safety and protection of tourists.

As per the official statement, Abdul Ghafoor explained that Pakistan will take necessary and required security measures for potential tourists very soon. The development came into effect when the managing director of PTDC met with Tourist Police Division Deputy Commander Nithithorn Chintakanon in Thailand.

According to a press release, PTDC’s managing director stated:

“We will establish a tourism police force on the model of Thailand to provide security for incoming tourists”

Abdul Ghafoor also acknowledged the strategies and visions of the Government of Thailand for the promotion, development and numerous facilities to tourists. All these ingredients have brought fruitful outcomes for the tourism industry of Thailand.

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Nithithorn Chintakanon also extended his full support to Abdul Ghafoor for the initiative. The former assured the managing director that the Tourist Police Division of Thailand will be providing all the necessary support to Pakistan in case the country requires any assistance to establish special police force.

Government of Pakistan is ardent about uplifting tourism

While addressing the meeting, the managing director affirmed that the government of Pakistan is passionate about promoting, developing and uplifting tourism in Pakistan. In addition, he also said that the government wants to inspire the global exchange earning industry. This objective will be accomplished by portraying Pakistan as a tourist-friendly spot. He commented:

“Tourism is a tool for economic and social development for any country and there is a need to concentrate on religious, sports and cultural values of our society and portray a positive image of Pakistan to the rest of the world”

Speaking about the role and willingness of Pakistan government, he ensured the simplification of the visa procedures. That way, Pakistan will welcome more tourists and the ratio may even increase in the future.

PTDC’s managing director also invited the officials of Thailand including Nithithorn Chintakanon to visit Pakistan. The latter accepted the invitation for a visit to Pakistan.

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Medical Tourism in Pakistan

Independently, Abdul Ghafoor also paid a visit to the World Medical Centre Hospital in Bangkok to discuss about medical tourism. He stated:

“Medical tourism is flourishing in Pakistan where facilities for kidney, liver and hair transplant as well as cosmetic surgery have improved. Proper publicity may bring fruitful results and increase the flow of tourists”

He met the medical director of the hospital, Professor Adisorn Patradul and discussed about medical tourism in Pakistan.

Source: ET

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