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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Get to Be “Bored”

Life isn’t dull. You’re dull. People who complain about being “bored” lack imagination and creativity. With the right mindset, everyday can be transformed into an amazing adventure. Here are five reasons why you don’t get to be bored. If #4 doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what will…

1. Evolution is a daily process.

Learning doesn’t cease after you graduate college. If you stop reading books and growing your knowledge base, you’ll fall behind fast. You should always be reading two books at bare minimum.

The first book could be an autobiography by an influential figure who changed how you perceive the world. Or it could be a holy text that inspires you to live according to a certain value system. It could also be a self-help book that informs your business decisions.

The second book should be for pure entertainment. People underestimate the value of fiction. For example, “Game of Thrones” has taught me more about business strategy than any advice book on the planet. Stephen King’s novels have taught me more about style and character development than any nonfiction book could ever hope to achieve.

2. You are the CEO of your life.

People who complain about being “bored” tend to be indecisive whiners who don’t hold themselves accountable for their own decisions. They’d rather blame other people for their situation than take decisive action. Pathetic!

Before you get upset or overreact to that statement, ask yourself: “If he wasn’t right, why would I react whatsoever?” There’s no good answer to that question. Self-awareness is the most important part of personal growth. Without that, you’ll be stuck forever.

Stop acting like a hapless janitor who has to clean up messes as they come up. Instead, own your role as the CEO of your life. You don’t get to blame your friends, family, lovers, co-workers, or boss for your position in life. The buck stops with you. And if you’re constantly “bored,” that says more about you than anybody else.

3. Complaining only amplifies a problem.

Most problems are created inside the mind. You see your partner talk to an attractive friend of the opposite sex. “How dare she! I’m her man. Why would she go behind my back like that…”

This is a horrible assumption. People are allowed to have friends, either male or female. Schools and workplaces aren’t segregated by gender. So, how in the world could you expect your partner not to have guy (or girl) friends?

The same reasoning can apply to boredom. The more you tell yourself you’re “bored,” the more bored you shall be. Self-fulling prophecies are very real. It’d be better to turn down that voice and focus on finding something productive or entertaining to do.

4. Your body literally consists of stardust.

That’s no exaggeration. Science proves my point. According to an article by Elzabeth Howell on

“Humans and their galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms, and the elements of life appear to be more prevalent toward the galaxy’s center, the research found.”

The next time you’re outside on a dark night, take a moment to admire the beauty that’s floating above your head. Stars, planets, comets, meteors, black holes, galaxies, and so many interesting things.

Your body is made of the same substances that compose the beauty of our universe. So, shouldn’t you use it for good? Yes! Whining about how “bored” you are is a waste of your talent and potential. Be like the stars. Shine brightly!

5. There are a million ways to amuse yourself.

How is it even possible to be bored in this day and age? You can access any book, movie, album, or TV show episode that’s been created throughout history in a single Internet search.

Granted, mindless entertainment can only provide so much fulfillment, so I’d suggest creating your own works of art. But the fact still applies (and it’s always good to find inspiration from other artists).

Boredom is a self-inflicted disease. Fortunately, the cure is free and readily available to anybody who’s willing to change their way of thinking. Are you brave enough to take the first step? If so, apply these tips today. Share this article with any of your friends who complain about being “bored.” You might open their eyes.


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