Pakistan Develops Robot Journalist Dante, An AI Content Creator

The trend of shaping artificial intelligence software and programs is on the rise. A lot of tech companies are keen to make an impact in this very area. Likewise, a Pakistani tech firm, baseH had also been working on it. On Monday, the company conducted the launch of an AI writer, Dante, at their headquarters in Karachi.

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Dante – The robot journalist

Dante is basically an artificially intelligent content creator. The robot journalist has made life easier for the editors and content writers as it had already been writing closing reports for Pakistan Stock Exchange.

At the outset, the non-human journalist, Dante, would be essentially utilized to write small news reports. This would be made possible when it would retrieve and store data from local and international media outlets.

The tech firm, baseH, is optimist and hopeful that AI would be able to act as a helping hand to blogs, channels and newspapers in the future. In addition, Dante would also be able to provide relief to the editors and the reporters.

A statement on the company’s website read:

“Our focus at the moment are media houses that can produce endless content with the same staff and in practically no time. The Dante A.I. writer has the capability to pick up the style of writing where it is being deployed. Furthermore, it can quickly adapt to new writing styles and set of editorial policies or preferences”

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About baseH

Comprising of budding IT professionals, baseH is essentially a new and small tech company. The firm recruited some of the NED graduates to accomplish their new project.

Initially, some of the stories which Dante generated were sent to some of the established Pakistani journalists.

One of the journalists from private TV news channel confessed that he was simply unable to differentiate between a story written by a human and a Dante AI writer.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually making its mark in the Pakistani tech sphere. However, it is still in the early stages and only time would tell if it would be able to capture the market as greatly as it has in some of the developed countries.

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