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Self-Notification With Chrome 79

In case you didn’t notice, Chrome 79 has added a “shared clipboard” option to both its Desktop and Android versions. Now you can easily shift your notes, links and reminders between smartphones and desktops without getting into the hassle of apps like Google Drive etc.

Although this feature works in both Desktop and Android versions, a bit of focused setting-up is required to make it functional. For Desktops, the feature is only available in Chrome Canary.

To enable the feature via Chrome flag, follow these steps:-

  • Update your Chrome Android app.
  • Install the Chrome Canary build.
  • Sign in to the same Google account on both Desktop and Android.
  • Type chrome://flags on Chrome Canary and hit Enter.
  • Lookup “clipboard” through search.
  • Mark “Enabled” across all three flags: “Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature” “Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled” and “Sync clipboard services

Once you’ve setup this procedure, feel free to right-click on the selected text within the Chrome Desktop browser to send it to Android. As for the other way around, you can highlight selected text and use Android’s share feature to send it to your Desktop.

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