Shoppingum – The Search Engine for Online Pakistani Stores

Shoppingum is a search engine that displays different pricing options for products currently available in the Pakistani online retail sphere. It gives you the unique advantage to pick and choose which retailer’s offering suits your requirements.

Is Shoppingum an online store?

It’s actually a Pakistani e-commerce search engine which is integrated with more than 100 different online stores to give you added options for product selection. You can lookup different product offerings from these online retailers to make better-informed decisions before making your purchase.

More than 2 million products on display

Yes, you read that right! There are more than 2.3 million products exhibited on Shoppingum sub-divided into varieties and categories.

Shoppingum allows brands to get reviewed with various other competitors, giving users a holistic shopping experience.

What else does Shoppingum provide?

You can get almost any sort of product from Shoppingum such as mobile phones and accessories, gaming consoles, furniture, PC/PS4 games, ladies/gents garments, etc. This is ideally suited for someone who wants to do shopping while also saving time .

It’s become increasingly difficult for people in Pakistan to go out for shopping on account of congested traffic and high rates. This is where Shoppingum becomes a one-stop resource venue for online price comparison and shopping.

Social Media-Influenced Shopping

Following the rising popularity of social media-influenced shopping, it comes as no surprise that Shoppingum can help your brand stay abreast of online shopping trends and direct potential customers to your product offerings following social media influencer posts as well as Shoppingum’s own social media presence.

Is Shoppingum reliable?

Yes, Shoppingum is a reliable search engine. Sites like and are providing their customers with valuable products. With a bright future for e-commerce, Shoppingum can provide comprehensive assistance in brand growth as the preferred online retail search engine in Pakistan.

Promoting Startups

Shoppingum also promotes startups. If you have a business and if you want to promote it, you should check out the start-up option on the website. Entrepreneurs and start-ups find it difficult to enter the online retail market unless they get proper referrals and advertising. Shoppingum can provide several benefits, including:

  • Promotion on Social Media.
  • Targeted Audience-Based Advertising.
  • Detailed and Explicit Product Advertising
  • Competitor Insights for Business Growth.
  • Major Upcoming Announcements.

Check Ratings before Buying

Shoppingum also displays user ratings under products you are examining. If the ratings are good, it will give you more confidence in purchasing.

You can also buy second-hand products like laptops, cellphones, etc. If you find these used offerings have low ratings, you can think twice before buying them.

Blogs can help you choose

Shoppingum also publishes blogs on different products. You can check them out if you want to see the latest entries in the market and finalise your wishlist accordingly. These blogs are written by certified reviewers.

Product comparison makes it easy

Apart from price comparison, you can also compare the same product offering from a different manufacturer. This is especially useful for buying electronics items such as mobile phones and laptops.

Brand Awareness

Shoppingum has a Product Description section which carries information about your brand and the products/merchandise you offer: covering the specifications features and the pricing as well as the relatable products offered by your brand.

Furthermore, Shoppingum’s social media accounts further promote your special merchandise and recommend them as must-haves for consumers.

So what are you waiting for! Head on over to the Shoppingum portal right away for smart shopping!


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