What Does the Rocket Icon Launched In Facebook App Mean?

Another surprise for avid Facebook users is round the corner as the company has launched an interesting Rocket Icon on its Facebook mobile app. This new rocket-shaped icon has been appearing on the news feed of various users since last week.

The icon is placed next to the main newsfeed which caters to a different type of new feed. It exhibits popular posts from pages and people that the user did not like or befriend before. Following the usual trend of continuous innovation, Facebook had tested various ways to deliver the newsfeed earlier.


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Therefore, this rocket icon is being tested on limited users before the company goes for complete roll out. Last year in April, the company showed a different style of newsfeed revolving around contrasting topics.

Interestingly, the layout of the new rocket icon appears differently on different operating systems. Android users will see the newsfeed/stories side-by-side in a more traditional style. On the other hand, Apple users will see thumbnails in a series in an editorial manner.

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Facebook has followed the strategy of trial and error and lately has been busy in launching a messenger update. This update lets you share your location with friends in real time. Moreover, the much debated “dislike” button has also been in the testing phase.

Rocket Icon: Similar to Instagram’s Explore Icon

The limited users have given a feedback so far which states that the rocket icon is slightly similar to Instagram’s ‘explore’ option. Talking about Facebook’s new icon, a click on this mini rocket will bring up content which is relevant to your geographical location and also matches with pages and interests that the user liked before. Likewise, Instagram’s explore displays stories that match with user’s relevant interests.

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Although Facebook hasn’t released any official statement regarding its complete launch but let’s see if the company rolls out this option on a global scale.

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