15 Exciting Google Applications You May Not Be Aware Of

Looking for an answer? Searching for some information? Ask your best friend Google to help you out anytime. The tech giant is the fastest and easiest way to search for almost anything you want. Although millions of people utilize it daily yet most of them do not know the real potential of Google. In fact, Google has more to it than just being a search engine. It offers various amazing services, applications and features that people may not know. It can be safely assumed that you may not be aware of some of the super useful Google applications the tech giant has in its pocket.

So let’s discover what Google is really capable of. Below are the 15 most useful Google applications that you probably didn’t know about.

Build With Chrome

Through this application, you can spend your time playing with virtual Legos. It is an interesting application and fun to play for both kids and adults. Try it now!

Google Scholar Search Engine

Through this application, you can search for scholarly articles. Here you will find quotations from various textbooks, scientific periodicals and different journals.

Google Keep App

It is an application to keep you updated with your daily and important tasks. You can create upbeat and exciting notes and save them to keep track of your routine.

Timer App

An application that works as an alarm clock. As you set your desired time on the timer, an alarm will ring when your time runs out.

Google Translation App

Indeed a very useful app for travellers. Through this application you can instantly translate foreign language into language of your choice. All you have to do is move your camera to where the text is that you want to translate.

Gmailify App

It is an interesting application to keep all the email accounts at one place. Through this app you can combine various accounts like Yahoo or Outlook into one Gmail account.

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Google Sky App

If you want to see the sky, no need for a telescope. Google sky will show the outer space like you’ve never seen before. Also, you can literally walk through space and study the Milky Way Galaxy if you like.

Google Font Search Engine

It is a valuable search engine to find amazing fonts to use in your project. Search and select the best font you think would suit your project line.

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Google Art Project

An amazing app for art lovers. You can discover various popular creations online through Google art project.

Think With Google

This application keeps track of all the global news update. It includes various research results, marketing insights, trading, new brands in town and ongoing trends for consumers.

Google Trends

It basically informs you about the existing popular search queries and trends.

Google Shopping

You can buy anything and everything from clothes to electronics, through Google shopping app.


You can discover the world through photos by using panoramio app. These photos are taken by internet users and are updated respectively.

Google Sound Search

If you cannot recognize any song you hear you can use Google sound search to find it out. This application listens to the music and tells you what song is it in just few seconds.

Google Images

It is the most inclusive and useful tool for image searching. You can upload a picture from your PC and Google will provide you with similar images with variety of resolutions and the page containing the images.

So, which Google applications are you going to download in your device?


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