East or West, 2016 Holiday Season Has Been The Best – Amazon Declares

Well into the year 2017, Amazon has shared some insights into its sales progress. And it seems as if, this time around, we haven’t been the only ones who had a happy holiday season.

While retailers across the world have been struggling to step into the world of eCommerce, the eCommerce giant has been in news in 2016 for Amazon Go: New advances in its encroachment on the brick-and-mortar world, and that too with an extreme statement of style.

However, the news today isn’t Amazon Go, it is the unprecedented sales Amazon has made this holiday season. According to Amazon, the 2016 holiday season has been the best one yet! As per the figures released by Amazon Inc. this year, the company shipped more than 1 Billion items worldwide just through its prime membership program.

The website reported that December, 19th, 2016 had been the busiest day of the year for the giant in terms of online shopping. Another interesting feature of the season’s sales, which can be used as a trend yardstick, has been that most of the items bought had been ordered via mobile phones.

This also led to a rise in the value of shares of the company. On that day, the shares rose up by a solid 1.4% at $771.24.

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Among the most ordered items, The Amazon Echo home assistant and its smaller version Echo Dot stood out prominently. According to the website, the demand has been so large that despite the best of efforts, it has been extremely hard to keep the aforementioned items in stock constantly because they kept disappearing as soon as they hit the shelves.

Other best sellers also included the Keurig 72-cup packs as well as a children’s animated movie: Finding Dory. A lot of people have been interested in gifting their loved ones Samsung’s Virtual Reality headsets because they also showed up on the best seller list. Nintendo Co.’s Pokemon games, especially Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon roleplaying games, stood out amongst the multiple other versions that had been ordered.

According to Amazon, people took full advantage of the special sales and made this holiday season into what it essentially is: the season of giving.

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