Three Pakistani Startups Nominated For Top 10 Innovators Award Programme

Pakistani startups are on the go as they are creating a global impact. In a recent development, Shell LiveWire has nominated three startups from Pakistan for the Top 10 Innovators Award Programme. As many as 22 startups from all across the world including Brunei, Italy, Saudi Arabia and the UK have been nominated in the awards. Currently, the process of voting for the startups is underway.

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Which startups have made the cut?

Following are the three startups which have been nominated from Pakistan:

  • SheKab: A ride-sharing service based on subscription. It allows multiple riders to travel together as fellow travelers. This service is specifically for women
  • Sehat Kahani: A healthcare startup that connects female doctors to underserved patients online in real-time while leveraging technology
  • WonderTree: It develops interactive games for children with special needs. The purpose of these games is to make education and therapy pleasant and effective

The aforementioned startups have been doing remarkably well in the past few years. SheKab recently got selected for Norway’s Katapult Accelerator as well. Sehat Kahani has been rigorously conducting medial awareness and training sessions in the country. Not too long ago, it was also shortlisted for the regional stage of the She Loves Tech program. WonderTree is also trying to make an impact in the lives of special children through AR based education tools.

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Shell LiveWire and the programme

Renowned as a flagship entrepreneurship development program, Shell LiveWire was launched by the global player in the oil and gas industry, Shell. The vision of the company was to assist the local entrepreneurs in setting up perpetual businesses which can ultimately create employment opportunities besides making a solid contribution to the economy. This year marked the 35th anniversary of LiveWire.

On the other hand, the Top 10 Innovators Award Programme was initiated with an aim to boost entrepreneurial innovation in the alumni of LiveWire. The eligibility criteria to be nominated for the award is to have a business which has been up and currently running for 1 to 5 years. The business must have a growth potential.


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