Angry Nisar Hints At Launching Local Versions of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

Interior Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is furious after the management of Facebook and American officials did not oblige his request to provide information about a certain matter related to a key official in Pakistan. As a result, it has infuriated him so much so that he has actually hinted at launching local versions of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in Pakistan.

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Background and Chaudhry Nisar’s Statement

After the emergence of social media platforms, anyone could create controversy, make life difficult or troll anyone. This is exactly what has happened after a renowned personality in Pakistan who was from judiciary was being made controversial on social media. He was made contentious through a Facebook post.

When Facebook management was approached to explain about the matter, they refused to provide any information on the matter. Chaudhry Nisar termed the refusal as ‘disappointing’. While speaking about the issue, he said:

“Any international company cannot be allowed to make a controversy out of our important people. We will not allow defamation and false accusations on social media in the name of free speech”

To cease the unlawful utilization of social media, Chaudhry Nisar spoke and ensured about a surveillance system which will be publicized pretty soon with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s consultation.

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On Tuesday, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was setup to scrutinize blasphemous content on social media. Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) Justice Siddiqui ordered the government to take necessary and required action against it.

It is relevant to mention that YouTube was also banned in Pakistan in 2012 due to blasphemous content. However, the ban was lifted last year after launching a local version of YouTube.

Do you think Chaudhry Nisar’s hint at launching local versions of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp will be taken seriously?

Source: Dunya News

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