List Of Upcoming Apple Products Expected In 2017

Apple has always remained tight lipped about its new releases and upcoming products. Even journalists fail to get any proper answers when they ask about Apple’s upcoming products. The closest to a reply they have ever got to is, “no comments”. However, the company can’t stop every leak heading its way. From the initial announcement to the official release of a product, different rumors keep coming to the surface.

Since five months of 2017 have already passed, consumers are expecting a number of different products to be released by Apple. As we all know, iPhone 8 will be released sooner or later this year. A number of other products which are also anticipated are:

Siri Smart Speaker

The only hardware product Apple has ever released after 2011 is the Apple Watch. After its release, the company has seen some dry years with no new hardware products. However, this is about to change as Apple will soon release the Siri Smart Speaker. As virtual assistants and speakers are currently taking over the tech market, a smart speaker by Apple is highly expected. The speaker might come with a touch screen along with facial recognition and emphasized sound quality.

According to Ming-Chi Ko  Apple analyst, the product is expected to be announced in June 2017, at Apple’s WWDC developers’ conference and will start selling from there. This will prove to be a great competitor for Amazon’s Echo and Google Home; which are the same kind of products.

3rd Gen Apple Watch

The first Apple watch was released in 2015. 18 months after that, the second Apple watch was released. A third version of the watch is expected to be released in autumn. Eventually, this will introduce a new 12 month cycle for the product’s release.

The watch now supports LTE connectivity. It will also allow you to make phone calls using your SIM card. Other than that, you can now stream music directly through your watch. Moreover, the Series 3 Apple Watch can also monitor your heart activity and give alerts if things go wrong.

The watch comes in two different models. One is the LTE-enabled while the other doesn’t support LTE. The LTE model comes with a price tag of $399 while the latter comes with a price tag of $329.

iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

With the announcement of the iPhone 8, an iPhone 7s is also expected to be released as an update of the iPhone 7. This might not come as a breaking news to users as Apple releases the “s version” of every iPhone it launches.

However, the iPhone 7s and 7s plus will be less expensive than the iPhone 8 and will be released in September as usual.

The iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

First released in 2007, 2017 will mark the 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone. As a 10th anniversary phone, this phone might come with remarkable features and the best among the previous ones.

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Physically, the phone is expected to have an edge-to-edge screen with no home button and no bezels at all. Other than that, the camera will be tweaked to provide the best picture quality along with some augmented reality functionality. Expectations reveal that the phone might have a glass back like that of an iPhone 4. Optimized for augmented reality, the phones come with a glass and aluminum body and a retina HD display. In order to power all these features, the phone is embedded with an A11 bionic chip.

Like all the previous iPhones, the iPhone 8 will come with a 4.7 inch display while the Plus version will come with a 5.5 inch display. Improved cameras and wireless charging are one of the most noted features of the new iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 hosts a price of $699 while the iPhone 8 Plus is for $799. Pre-ordering of the phone will being from 15th September.

Due to difficulties in the manufacturing of the iPhone 8, the release of the phone might be delayed further than September which is the traditional launch date for the phone. Even after releasing it a little late, getting your hands on the phone might be hard for you.

The iPhone X

With a super-retina display, the iPhone X is the largest iPhone with a display of 5.8 inches. Apple decided to launch this phone with a glass body as the one used previously in the iPhone 4. The glass and aluminum combo gives the phone a unique and refreshing look. The phone possesses a bezel-less OLED display manufactured by Samsung. Moreover, the phone has wireless charging, water resistance and a TrueDepth camera which gives amazing results in all light conditions.

The iPhone X will be launched for sale in October with a price tag of $999.


Upgraded MacBook Pro

An upgraded version of the MacBook Pro was released in 2016 which replaced the function keys of the laptop with a touch interface. In 2017, a more upgraded version of that MacBook Pro is expected to be announced at Apple’s WWDC developer conference in June.


New MacBook

Besides an upgraded MacBook Pro, Bloomberg has reported the announcement of a new MacBook at the WWDC. This new MacBook will emphasize less on the battery life and more on the general performance of the laptop.

New Version of MacBook Air

With less surety of the rumor, Bloomberg has reported that Apple might consider upgrading the MacBook Air. Even though it has become kind of “outdated”, the rumor might be true.


In April, Apple announced the release date of iMacs which will be launched later in 2017. Although, the specification of the system are not yet confirmed; the specifications will be inclined towards pro users. The launch date of the product is also not confirmed, but it is said that the iMac will be released late in 2017.

4K Apple TV

With a variety of new upcoming products, Apple is also working on its Apple TV. A newer version of the Apple TV is set to release providing 4K ultra HD graphics. However, the fact that it will be released this year is still not known.

Other Products

During April 2017, a number of journalists were invited by Apple to discuss Apple’s upcoming product, the Mac Pro. Although the company has been a little careless regarding this product, it has announced that it will come up with something new in the future.

Moreover, Apple has started to develop interest in the healthcare tech. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has been seen a number of times wearing a glucose tracker. He has also discussed the product with his students. However, an official release of such a product hasn’t been announced.

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Lastly, the Mac Mini is also due for an update. With its last release in October 2014, Mac Mini is Apple’s lower end desktop computer. The release of a new version of the Mac Mini is still expected. Previously this year, executive Phil Schiller said:

“The mac mini is an important product in our lineup and we weren’t bringing it up because it’s more of a mix of consumer with some pro use. The mac mini remains a product in our lineup, but nothing more to say about it today”

So, these are all of Apple’s upcoming products in 2017. However, application and software updates are a whole different story.

Which Apple’s upcoming product you are greatly looking forward to?

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