Best of Twitter After Anti Careem Ban Movement Broke Out

Following provincial government’s mismanagement of matters regarding the legal status of public ride-hailing companies Uber and Careem yesterday, the social media crowd – majority of whom make a loyal clientele of the said companies, had a field day. Twitter, especially was a riot.

There were some misses, but quite a few hits. Here we have compiled some of our most favourite bits from Pakistan’s witty twitterverse regarding the developments over Careem/Uber status. Goes without saying, our sense of humor is definitely something we all need to be grateful for having born on this side of the border!

Thank you all-featured-here, guys! You lit up an otherwise upset news room. Cheers!

The public reaction offered, apparently hadn’t featured in government’s consideration while announcing the ban over the services, therefore, by day end the Chief Minister Punjab issued a statement announcing the companies to be given a fortnight for putting their operations in compliance with the transport laws.

Careem’s own response to it was the best:

The company has been in buoyant spirits and for all the right reasons. Winning the twritterverse, here’s to celebration of #thuglife!

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