Geneva Motor Show 2017: World’s Biggest Auto Exhibition Begins This Week

87th edition of Europe’s most prestigious car show i.e. Geneva Motor Show 2017 is all set to begin with majority of auto giants keeping their fingers crossed for displaying their best product of 2017.

Have a look at some of the highlights:

  1. 180 companies will present at the 10 days show that opens for public on 9th March after two press days
  2. Last year the event attracted 687,000 visitors
  3. It is expected that cross over vehicles are expected to grab most of attention this year as it combines features from sports utility cars (SUVs) and passenger cars
  4. Geneva Motor Show 2017 will present some of the most beautiful vehicles made this year with the usual glamour
  5. The auto manufacturers are excited as the industry has emerged from the financial crisis that haunted auto sales since 2008

The biggest car event of the year will celebrate an end of crisis this year as the industry regained momentum in sales after 9 years. Nonetheless, the emission scandal is still haunting the industry as last year it gave a major blow to Volkswagen that admitted to install software in 11 million diesel engines.

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This was the company’s attempt to suppress the emission tests scandal which costed them billions in the form of compensation from car owners. The event will kick off in full swing and many corporate announcements are also expected from large auto manufacturers.

Emission Scandal Making Pollution Regulations More Stringent

Volkswagen being a huge player in auto industry has survived this scandal, but this issue of emissions has attained paramount significance. Many experts believe that this is going to make manufacturing more challenging as stricter pollution regulations are now in place.

Car companies are now required to build engines that do not emit more than 95 grams of CO2 versus 130 grams emitted in 2015. Since diesel cars are facing more of these emission issues, it seems difficult for them to abide by this rule. According to a technology strategist at car parts maker Faurecia, Christophe Aufrere, “diesel cars emit 15 percent less CO2 per kilometer” than gasoline filled cars.

More is required from gasoline powered cars as electric car sales account for only a fraction of European car sales. Therefore, the industry players now have to rely more on their gasoline powered cars and reduce the weight of the cars.

Companies failing to meet CO2 targets, along with upper cap of petrol consumption to 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers and diesel to 3.6 liters, will have to pay 95 Euros (USD 100) for every extra CO2 gram emitted in every car. This amount could add up the fine cost to millions of Euros.

Another dent hurting the industry is its rising research and development cost which has doubled within 10 years. In case, the companies fail to meet these standards, they will have to pay a bigger price.

The face of market position is also expected to change as a French car manufacturer PSA has announced to acquire General Motors’ European subsidiary, for almost 1.3 billion euros roughly USD 1.38 billion, making it the second largest car maker of Europe. The subsidiary includes brands like Opel and Vauxhall, as well.

PSA also had another accolade on its plate, as its Peugeot brand won the European car of the year award for its 3008 urban 4*4 vehicle.

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The Glitz and the Glamour

The Geneva Motor Show 2017 is expected to be full of glitz and glamour despite a few scandals and will not disappoint its audience. Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer stated:

“Geneva has always been the show of beautiful automobiles and prestigious racing cars”

The event will encompass legendary brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, McLaren and Bentley that are all prepared to showcase their new models. Renault will also present a new version of its brand Alpine A110 sports car.

Volkswagen is also geared up to present its first autonomous electric sedan model. The company also announced that it plans to invest billions in developing better vehicles in the next few years. The highlight of the event have been the “cross over” vehicles which integrate the best features of sports cars and passenger cars.

Source: Telegraph

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