Rajeev Circle Fellowship: Six Young Pakistani Entrepreneurs Set Off For Silicon Valley

Six young Pakistani entrepreneurs are set to join the Rajeev Circle, a prestigious fellowship, held every year in the Silicon Valley. San Francisco – United States, famously dubbed as Silicon Valley is seen as the global hub of innovation and technology.

The six young talented individuals selected to participate in the programme include:

  • Assistant Program Manager & Head of Strategic Global Partnerships PlanX, Eisha Zeb
  • Founder CampusFeed Qasim Salam
  • The creative team of Makeistan, being represented by Ali Murtaza
  • The innovative team of DIY Geeks: Usama Abid, founder and CEO; Hina Tariq, COO; Hamza Munir, Chief Design Officer

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What is Rajeev Circle Fellowship?

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Asha Jadeja Motwani had launched an annual fellow ship programme to identify young entrepreneurs. The initial aim was to enable Indian entrepreneurs to visit and connect with entrepreneurs, mentors and seed investors in the US. The fellowship circle has, however, developed in to a global project over time. It now offers opportunities to various talented and innovative entrepreneurs from both India and Pakistan to train, learn, and pitch their business models to key investors in United States. Asha is the wife of late Stanford Professor Rajeev Motwani, who was a globally acclaimed computer scientist.

The significance of making Silicon Valley as the circle destination is to unleash the creative potential of entrepreneurs from places where innovation may not have a strong support system.The Fellows leave after their 2 to 3 week Fellowship empowered and confident in the knowledge that they now have “family” in bay area. They are supported by the Rajeev Circle group through – regular video meetings, business plan polishing, connecting to VC and angel friends, future visits, and advice on exit options. The purpose behind the fellowship is described as:

Our dream is to spark off disruptive ideas, activities and technologies through our entrepreneurs and have a massive impact on problems in the developing world.

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The Startups: CampusFeed, Makeistan, & DIY Geeks

CampusFeed is a mobile application that specializes in anonymous social networks for campuses.

Founder of CampusFeed Qasim Saleem said:

“The fellowship is a result of start-up competitions we won and the momentum was continued in every noticeable start up event in Lahore and elsewhere.”

CampusFeed can be visited at CampusFeed.

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Makeistan is a technological startup that aims to create innovative solutions of ordinary problems through homemade solutions. The startup plans to create awareness about Adruino processors and how they can create multiple solutions because of the flexibility offered by the chip.
Makeistan facebook page offers a share of their life.

DIY Geeks plan to make innovative technology accessible within Pakistan at a recreational level.
You can visit the startup at DIY Geeks.

You can also receive regular updates about Rajeev Circle Fellow ship through here.

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