Video Call Now Integrated With Google Phone, Contacts And Android Messages

When it comes to a talk of the tech future, Google never disappoints. The tech giant has recently made video calling easier than ever before. The company has launched an integrated video calling feature through Duo or ViLTE to first generation Pixel, Android One and Nexus phones via the phone, contacts, and Android messages apps. This means that a user can make video call without leaving the phone or other messaging apps.

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The company made it possible by unifying its Duo video calling service with the ViLTE standard. ViLTE is primarily an extension of VoLTE which works on improving the quality of the video call. Essentially, ViLTE uses an LTE network. Although the calls will be routed through ViLTE but in case the carrier does not support this route, the calls will fall back on the Duo service.

However, a user must make sure that both parties (the caller and the person being called) should have the latest versions of Duo installed and activated on their phones. Secondly, both parties should also have the updated versions of the phone, contacts, and Android messages apps.

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Another feature in the pipeline…

In its blog post Google has also highlighted that it plans to add another feature of upgrading the voice call into a video calling by the end of the year. Although the company mentioned that it is a small change but it becomes critical when the callers wish to change their calls in the middle of their conversations.

So far, the new feature of integrated calling is being launched in first generations devices. However, Google is in talks with other carriers and phone manufacturers in order to expand the service of video calling into other devices.

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Google has also mentioned that this option will show up in the contacts and Android messageing apps. In some places, the option is only visible in the contacts and not in the messages app. Nonetheless, the company also clarified that the launch is only in the initial phase so they must be clearing the bottlenecks.

Going forward, the company intends to expand the video calling feature further. However, some experts hint that Google might gain more from sorting out its wide range of other services first.

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