After SKMCH, WannaCry Ransomware Targets Pakistan’s State Owned Company

The WannaCry ransomware has been on a global attacking streak and it has now made Pakistan its new target. Previously it affected Pakistan’s Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. However, recently a government insurance firm of Pakistan reported an alert regarding the malware.

A huge number of 300,000 systems in 150 countries have been corrupted in the ‘ransomeware’ cyber-attack. Now it has attacked Pakistan’s State Life Insurance Company, according to the sources. The company confirmed the attack via notices displayed in the office.

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ARY News also reported that the staff of the company has been alerted to keep the systems off. Furthermore, they asked to seek help of technical experts to avoid any kind of malfunction or a possible breakdown.

As per the sources, UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Taiwan and various other countries have already been infected. Surprisingly, Pakistan was had not initially been in the list.

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Base of the ransomware

The streak of the malware, popularly known as WannaCry, started last week on Friday. Some cyber security experts state that the virus was coded on a NSA developed tool. A group named Shadow Brokers that developed this ransomware spread it among general public. The virus causing global corruption of computer networks claim to encrypt the whole system unless the ransom is paid in Bitcoin currency.

Microsoft takes action

Microsoft stood against the attack and it criticized the American spy agency for playing a suspicious role in developing the conditions.  It also released a patch file that could prevent the computers running on Windows XP operating system from being infected. Last month, after the virus was leaked, Microsoft released an updated patch for its update software. Systems that are not yet updated however are still at risk.

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Security researchers have reported that the virus appears to be spread through a worm, a self-spreading program.


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