Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update

Thursday has been a busy day at Microsoft. The tech giant announced its Fall Creators Update during its Build developer conference in Seattle. The company proclaimed that this will be the next major update of Windows 10. Moreover, it also stated that rather than occurring every now and then, it will be released only twice a year. Although, the exact release date of the update is still not known, rumors suggest that it will be in the month of September.

Even though some people expect this update to be a minor one because of having a similar name to that of Creators Update, it won’t be one. The Fall Creators Update will come with a whole bunch of new features. The update will assist users in getting the best experience out of their Windows devices.

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With the passage of time, different platforms have been introduced. Furthermore, with the presence of these platforms, different problems have emerged for developers and users, said Microsoft’s Terry Myerson. The Windows 10 update aims to solve problems related to this issue.

Fluent Design System

Microsoft recently announced its new design language, Fluent Design System for writing Windows apps. The Fall Creators Update will come with a number of features compatible with this Fluent Design System. This system has been developed by Microsoft for a vast range of uses which include virtual and mixed reality. This is similar to Google’s Material Design in the aspect that both possess the flat design philosophy.

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Some of the features of the Fall Creators Update include the use of Microsoft Graph to make it easy for users to switch between devices, a timeline feature that will provide a list of activities the user can jump to, a smart clipboard which will enable the sharing of clips between two different devices (iOS and Android), and also a new feature integrated in OneDrive which will give users control over the files they want to download at a specific time while they are still visible in the explorer.

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Microsoft has also announced that an application will also come with the update. However, it has remained silent about the name and functionality of the app.

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