PakWired News Weekend Roundup – Episode 8

Dear readers, we’re sad to announce that the management at PakWired has unanimously decided to make this the final episode of our signature weekend roundup series for a variety of reasons. The journey of 8 weeks (56 days) was short but memorable. It was a unique experience in itself. We might consider re-launching it in the future but until we meet next time, adios from the roundup team! :)

Period Covered: December 05 (Saturday) to December 11 (Friday)

1. Pakistani Startup ‘Travly’ Launches Rickshaw Service In Karachi

Summary: Pakistani startup company Travly has finally launched its ‘TukTuk’ rickshaw service in the bustling Karachi metropolis. The app has already been working positively in Lahore. It consists of a fleet of special rickshaws with drivers who have proper security clearance. Users can use the company’s app or website to book a rickshaw at any time and place of their choosing. Click here to download their app or click here to visit their website. A map showing their coverage network can be viewed here.

2. Internships For 3000 IT Graduates At PSEB

Summary: The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) has recently approved a mechanism through which more than 3000 (three thousand) IT graduates will be given internship opportunities every year, with 30% seats reserved for women. This emerged after a meeting chaired by IT Minister Mrs Anusha Rahman which was attended, among others, by Mr Asim Shahryar Husain (MD PSEB), Dr Ismail Shah (Chairman PTA), Mr Syed Ahmad (Chairman P@SHA) and representatives from TDAP. Presently, PSEB has provided internships to just around 400 individuals. A spokesperson for the IT Ministry said the new batch of annual interns will be placed for 6-month periods in IT companies, IT departments of telecom companies, banks and educational organizations.

3. Pak-China ‘E-Corridor’ In The Pipeline

Summary: Pakistan and China agreed on December 8 to develop an ‘e-corridor’ (electronic corridor) to establish greater digital connectivity in the region in light of the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). This landmark initiative came about when a high-level Chinese delegation led by Mr Yan Lijin (Chairman, China Investment Promotion Centre) called on IT Minister Mrs Anusha Rahman. Mr Lijin and members of his delegation expressed his desire to work for the establishment of IT parks outlined by the IT Ministry in Karachi and to provide licenses for e-commerce gateway.

4. ROZEE.PK Launches Android App For Employers

Summary: Mr Monis Rahman, one of Pakistan’s leading entrepreneurs and founder of the country’s premier jobs portal Rozee.pk, announced on December 9 the launch of an Android app for employers. Through this app, people/companies seeking the right employees can create an account, post job requirements and view candidates, all within 5 minutes! Mr Rahman added that an iOS version of the app will be launched soon. Click here to download the app from Play Store.

5. Dr Umar Saif Participates In AMA For TechInAsia

Summary: On December 10, Dr Umar Saif (Chairman, Punjab Information Technology Board) hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the renowned forum TechInAsia. He answered a series of questions from Pakistanis and other global readers related to entrepreneurship in Pakistanis, e-governance in Punjab province and the newly-launched Information Technology University (ITU). Our favorite answer was the advice Dr Saif gave in response to a question by a young Pakistani student seeking advice on entrepreneurship: “Just. Keep. Trying. Entrepreneurs only fail when they stop trying”.

6. Google Working On Split-Screen Facility For Android Tabs

Summary: Speaking of AMAs, the team behind Google’s Pixel C tablet recently put up a similar session on Reddit where they discussed with the audience on ways to improve the device’s usability. Tablets manufactured by Windows and Apple (iPads) already have such a facility. The team said it will make major tablet improvements with the Android N in the near future.

7. New ‘Flickr VR’ App Lets You See Photos In 360 Degrees

Summary: After Google’s famed Virtual Reality (VR) image-viewing facility through the Cardboard Camera, image-sharing forum Flickr has come out with a similar app ‘Flickr VR’ to let users experience 360 degree images as if they were present in them. The app works with Samsung Galaxy models and the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR. Connecting a Galaxy phone with the Gear VR will enable installation of the app. Bertrand Fan, principal engineer at Flickr, said in a blog post that this was “just the beginning” and that more such 360-degree features on VR headsets, web and mobile will be released in the future.

8. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Stands Up For Muslims

Summary: In a move welcomed by Muslims across the world, Mark Zuckerberg, the young founder and CEO of the world’s largest networking site Facebook, vociferously defended Muslims from undue criticism, oppression and bigotry (some say he was indirectly snubbing Donald Trump’s fascist remarks) in a status update posted on December 10. Zuckerberg assured his Muslim users that he will always stand by them. In particular, he emphasized that Facebook “will fight to protect your (Muslims’) rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you”. We’re thankful to Zuckerberg for taking a principled position at a time when Islamophobia is rampant worldwide.

9. Is Bitcoin’s ‘Japanese’ Founder Actually Australian?

Summary: Recent reports in the global media now suggest that Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of the Bitcoin digital currency, is probably a pseudonym of a 45-year old Australian entrepreneur named Craig Steven Wright. These speculations are based on reports published by Wired and Gizmodo. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has confirmed many details of the findings by Wired. Investigations are still underway and it is yet to be confirmed whether Wright is indeed ‘Nakamoto’ or a fantastic imposter who wants people to believe so.

10. A Japanese Entrepreneur Who Earned $1 Billion By Putting Recipes Online

Summary: Wowza! Yes, this was our jaw-dropping and eye-opening reaction too when we heard about this very interesting story by Chloe Sorvino for Forbes. Akimitsu Sano, a 42-year old Japanese entrepreneur and founder of Cookpad.com, helps approximately 60 million website users to browse through an archive of 2.1 million recipes ranging from traditional Japanese to sumptuous Italian cuisines and prepare these savory dishes at home. Cookpad was a brainchild project of Sano’s after he graduated from the Keio University.

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