HTC U11 – The Squeezable Smartphone

HTC recently launched its flagship device, the HTC U11. Also known as the ‘squeezable’ HTC, the phone is likely to compete with the latest devices like the Galaxy S8, LG G6, and iPhone 7.

The HTC 11 is the first phone to have the ‘squeeze’ feature. You might be wondering what does this ‘squeeze-feature’ actually mean? Well, according to HTC, the HTC U11 has been embedded with pressure sensors on both sides of the phones. These sensors can detect whenever the phone is squeezed and perform actions based on that such as opening the camera app, taking pictures, etc.

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Other than the new squeeze features, the U11 – at the moment launched in India, comes with high-end specs and a number of different features listed below:

U touch – HTC edge sense

The U touch provides users easy access to some basic features of the phone through squeezing. Whether it is taking pictures or replying to text messages on the go, you can easily perform these tasks just by squeezing your phone.

In order to reply to text messages, you can squeeze the phone lightly and can even speak instead of typing and send your text immediately without any hassle.

The squeeze gestures can be customized to perform your desired action. Moreover, this feature works in all weather conditions and even when you’re wearing gloves.

Reflects U – Liquid surface

The back of the phone has been manufactured using Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition which gives the phone a liquid glass surface. The phone has been given a curved 3D look by the use of 3D glass on both sides of the phone. In addition to that, the phone holds a display size of 5.5 inch quad HD 3D glass screen which delivers the perfect picture from every angle. Finally, the phone is also water-resistant which is a big plus factor for a high-end phone.

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HTC USonic

Equipped with the latest version of HTC USonic, the phone provides a relaxing experience while using headphones. The headphones are equipped with the technology to adjust to your listening behavior and provide you a personal and optimized listening experience.

USonic also possesses active noise cancellation to cancel out any unusual sounds other than the ones coming from your headphones.

USB 3.0C

The phone will also have a USB 3.0C port to ensure faster data transfer speed to and from the device.

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The camera is equipped with multi-axis optical stabilization which provides super-fast auto focus and quick capture speed.

Another feature the new camera has gained is the Auto HDR Boost which will give users a fast experience while capturing photos in HDR mode. Along with Auto HDR Boost, HTC U11 will also have Ultra Speed Auto Focus with the focus technology like that of a professional camera.

HTC U11’s camera has been rated as the best camera up till now. The phone also possesses a 16MP ultra pixel light sensitive front camera.

Storage and memory

The main features of any phone are its RAM and its physical memory. The HTC U11 comes with a blazing fast Qualcomm SnapDragon 835 processor. The UFS 2.1 is also attached with the Snapdragon processor to deliver even faster processing speed than any other phone manufacturer has even though about before. With such a fast processors, users can now use LTE services with speeds up to 1GBps with the help of the Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem. The phone has 25% faster graphics as compared to the previous HTC 10, 3 hours increased video playback time, 8 hours more music playback, and 3.5 hours increased web-browsing time on LTE.

The phone comes in two variants with the first one having 4GB RAM and 64GB storage while the second one has 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

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Other Features

  • The phone comes along with an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner.
  • The HTC U11 also comes with HTC Sense Companion, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is the first phone to feature Amazon’s Alexa which is more like Siri used in iPhone.
  • The Sense Companion will keep you up to date with your latest upcoming events and reminders.

Lastly, the phone will run the latest version of Android i.e Android 7.0 (Nougat).

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